A Harlem Olympian Returns Home!

951009_t607Growing Up in Harlem, Rising to Become the only African-American to medial in Olympic Bicycling “I’m ​thrilled ​to ​announce ​the ​premier ​of ​“Cheetah ​– ​the ​ Nelson ​Vails ​Story” ​in ​my ​hometown ​of ​Harlem. ​

Produced ​by ​ Scott ​Q. ​Nguyen, ​the ​hour-long ​documentary ​chronicles ​my ​ improbable ​ascension ​from ​New ​York ​City ​bike ​messenger, ​to ​the  ​podium ​of ​the ​1984 ​Olympic ​Games ​in ​Los ​Angeles.


As ​the ​first, ​and ​only ​African ​American ​to ​ever ​medal ​in ​ cycling ​at ​an ​Olympics, ​I ​invite ​you ​to ​join ​me ​for ​an ​ evening ​of ​cycling ​history, ​inspiration, ​and ​a ​chance ​to ​win ​ a ​private ​“Go ​Ride ​with ​Nelly” ​clinic ​for ​you ​and ​four ​of ​ your ​friends.”
Nelson Vails.

Watch the Harlem Cheetah run:

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