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Do you love to write about Harlem? Do you have something to say about Harlem? We’re looking for contributors like you to write about Harlem!

Harlem World Magazine (HW) has been published (in various forms) since 2003! Our team of editors accepts submissions from writers, students, professionals, readers and subject matter experts from around the world of Harlem.We value, above all, your unique insights and expertise about Harlem and/or traveling in and outside of Harlem.

Before you start submitting articles, photographs and videos, please review the demographic (60% Harlem, 20% national and 20% global) chart of our Harlem demographic below:

hw-demographic(click to enlarge)

When You Write Always

  • Submit original content. We love content that you create especially for us, as long as the byline matches your name and you own the copyright.
  • Be yourself, authentic and unique. It should always be clear that your content comes from you. Submit content on topics that you’re passionate, knowledgeable, and insightful about.
  • Be relevant: Be informative, useful, and engaging.
  • Be succinct. Online attention spans are short. For most topics, the ideal article length is 250 to 500 words.
  • Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. We require correct grammar, structure, spelling, and punctuation. Follow editorial instructions. HWs’ specific instructions can override any of the above.
  • Fact-check. Check the facts assertions of your article, to make sure to confirm all the facts within your article. This means confirming everything from a subject’s age to a qoute or a statistic.
  • Don’t rehash. You must provide a fresh and unique angle on every story. Do not reword or rehash information from other sources and call it your own.
  • Create a strong, short, descriptive headlines. A strong headline summarizes your content succinctly, and leads with the critically important information that a reader will use either to find your content through search engines. Tell readers why they should view your story, and do so in your first 30 characters (these will appear on most search engine results pages).
HW covers all the following areas and more:

  • Travel: Anything and everything related to travel is more than welcome. Hotel reviews, cruise reviews, tips for tourists coming to your neighborhood (remember that you know your ‘hood in Harlem but tourists don’t), advice for Staycationers, and so on.
  • Dating: Articles on relationships, sex, marriage, break-ups and related topics in Harlem.
  • Technology: A range topics such as tech product reviews, features you’d like to see in a product, discussions of trends in technology, society and social networking, social media, SoLoMo (social, location, mobile), free wifi, e-commerce, online privacy, Internet security, tech conferences, and so on.
  • Entertainment: Talk about your favorite celebrities, write a movie review, write a concert review, interview a rap star and publish it here!
  • Nightlife: Articles on the club scene, bars, house parties, partying tips and advice, and related topics in Harlem.
  • Humor: Funny articles, interviews with comedians, humorous photos that you’ve taken.
  • Lifestyle: This is a “catch-all” category where a broad array of articles ranging from how to fix your apartment to vegan diets to costume-making tips are published.
  • Education: Articles on the education scene from closing to opening, to cuts and what to expects in coming new years and end of the year stuff.
  • Food: From great food reviews in a new eatery to the corner hot dog stand that just opened, those go places are always favorites for your readers who enjoy it all.
  • Fashion: Harlem style is legendary from the streets in Paris to the street style on 125th Street share your insights with our readers with photos, that you’ve taken.
  • Cars: What’s the best cars to drive in a village like Harlem, reviews of the newest cars and related products, and more.
  • Real Estate: The best in real estate pricing, best buys, apartment searches, affordable housing, trends and more.
  • Small Business: Business book reviews, tips for owners, trends happening in the market, opportunities for owners they can take advantage of like workshop, seminars and webinars, etc.,.
  • Music: Where’s the best new and old music in Harlem, reviews of new or just discover music, local new talent, etc.,.
  • Arts & Culture: What’s cooking in the galleries, on book shelves, interviews with artists old and new.
  • Weddings: Where to go to the chapel in Harlem, gay or straight is how we want this news, best cakes, props, and more in Harlem wedding industry.
  • Politics: Who’s running for office and what seat, how is legislation effecting Harlem from Albany to City Hall..

Ideally you will have something to say about Harlem as a subject matter expert. If you aren’t sure what to submit but would like to contribute, we have some suggestions to get you started. First, write something simple like a movie review. Secondly, go watch a current movie and review it. That’s simple enough. Third, become a contributor, review the Editorial Calender below for more ideas:

editorial-calendar-screen-shot-113013(click to enlarge)

If do not find anything of interest we actually will provide you with a specific list of topics to write about that fits your interests!

If you receive an Assignment or a direct instruction from HW that seems to conflict with the general Submission Guidelines, HW’s instructions will take priority.

If you are interested in writing an Op-Ed (opinion editorial), got to the Op-Ed link to find out more.


  • Your primary compensation is exposure. You will get tremendous exposure as a writer, especially if the article is well-written and on a hot topic. You benefit from getting published in an online magazine with millions of visitors.
  • This is an excellent promotional opportunity and establishes you as an expert in the topics you write about.
  • All authors get a Google-friendly (search engine optimization/SEO-friendly) author page. The author page features your bio, a photo, list of published articles, links to your website, Twitter, and so on. You can use your author page to boost your SEO, social media optimization (SMO), and content marketing.
  • You can add to your resume/CV, website, blog, LinkedIn profile or other relevant source which is impressive. This is especially effective for writers who are early in their career.
  • Your article will be up indefinitely.
  • Direct financial compensation is planned in the future, but we are working with contributors to get your content a sponsor.

Important Information

  • HW reserves the right to edit all submissions.
  • All articles that are published must be 100% unique and original (unless discussed before hand with HW).
  • HW does not publish articles that have been previously published elsewhere.
  • All articles may not be published anywhere else before or after it is published on HW (that includes derivatives of the article).
  • You must be the original author of the content.
  • If you publish the same or a similar article anywhere else at any time, you agree to relinquish your status as author of that article as published on HW. The article may be further edited or removed completely from the site. Either way, you agree that HW will claim ownership of the article under those circumstances. (Sorry, but some smart pants think that publishing here first and then reprinting it a dozen times over is acceptable. It’s not – we’re looking for exclusive work).

Remember To

  • Be original: You should rely on a bevy of reliable sources, but you should create an original angle, structure and voice. We’re especially fond of primary sources (i.e., non-media sources) when they’re readily available.
  • Be timely: What you write should be timely now. Importantly, this means you should focus on the timeliest developments in a story — not just the subject matter of the story.
  • Be detailed: Writing detailed content is an art, and for news stories, details mostly accomplish two things: (1) They give readers the necessary and important who/what/when/where/why information, and (2) they paint a vivid and colorful picture for readers. Great contributors seamlessly incorporate necessary — and specific — facts, figures and quotes that support their assertions.
  • Be transparent: Tell readers where you’re getting your information. Sometimes just linking to it is OK.
  • Be fair: We do not allow contributors to rant, cheerlead, mislead, name-call, gratuitously attack or otherwise write unfair content.
  • Posts: Depending on timeliness and subject matter, stories submitted are generally proofread and fact-checked in a 72-hour timeframe (sometimes longer depending on holiday, events, etc.,).
  • Deadlines: Find writing opportunities by reviewing the HW Editorial Calendar below. Articles are due seven days before the day, week or month of posting.


Please use these guidelines to format your articles before you send it to us:

  • Double-spacing: Use double-spacing between paragraphs.
  • Line breaks: Use line breaks only at the end of paragraphs.
  • Text: The text that you copy and paste into our system should fill the width of the screen, unless you’re writing poetry, creating a numbered list, or creating a bulleted list. All text should be left-justified.
  • Bold and italicized words: Limit use of bold and italicized words to section headers or highlighting of key points.
  • Underlined text: We never use underlined text.
  • Capitalized letters: Avoid capitalization. In general, we rarely use capitalized letters. TEXT WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS (like that) is considered shouting – use your inside voice.
  • Line breaks: Do not use line breaks.
  • By-Line: Type your pen name at the top of your submission.
  • Headline: Place the headline of your article in the title field only.
  • Indent: Do not indent at the beginning of each paragraph.
  • Photographs: All JPG images attached to an article must be relevant to the content and have a caption with it at the bottom of the article.
  • Embeds: Do not embed images or videos within the body of articles.
  • Links: Only use links to your site. Do not use third party advertiser links unless HW has approved.

What to send

  • Photographs: Send photos that are 600 pixels wide as a separate attachment. Please do not embed images. Image files must be in JPEG or GIF format and under 1 MB.
  • Videos: Send and copy the embed file of the video in the article submitted. Add the word “(video)” at the end of the headline.
  • Articles: Send articles as a separate attachment in a Microsoft Word Document.
  • E-mail: E-mail material (images, video and text) with the article name and the editorial in the subject of the e-mail to

What We Do Not Publish

  • Articles clearly promoting a specific product (contact us for advertorial rates)
  • Articles pretending to not promote a specific product but are actually promoting a specific product
  • Articles with affiliate links

If you have any questions, send us an e-mail to:

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