Advertise is an independent local content company covering more than six villages in Harlem.  It was founded by Harlem, New York resident Daniel Tisdale.  Over 2,500,000 absolute unique users have read during the past year.

The site features Harlem-specific local news and columnists as well as events, a business directory, real estate listings, and press releases.

Connect your business to our 30,000 weekly unique users in the Harlem World Magazine network:

  • Events: Intimate to medium size events like our HW Lounge and upcoming HW Festival events in-and-out of Harlem with influencers, stakeholders and with Harlem World Magazine contributors.
  • Print: The Best of Harlem with (5,000 copies) distributed during Harlem Books Fair, Riverside Church Arts Festival, Harlem Arts Alliance, Harlem Brewing, Harlem Week, etc., (etr 2015). is immediate, up-to-the-minute and objective. It can be read anywhere, anytime, wherever internet is accessible.

We offer a variety of ad sizes and options, and very reasonable ad rates that have been developed in consultation with business and community leaders.

Call us at 646.216.8698 or e-mail us at for a free consultancy.

Advertising Price List Updated September, 2014.

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