Behind The Scenes At The Jamboree Benefit Cruise Extravaganza

reginareverendBy CC Minton

The Jamboree Benefit Cruise Extravaganza was an absolutely splendid way to give back to the community.   HCCI (Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement) hosted a soulful event and with such overwhelming support from the community.  The energy of the evening left me with such a warm feeling and I’m honored to show my support benefiting the organizations Computer Clubhouse program.  It was nice chatting behind the scenes with Rev. Dr. Charles Butler, VP at HCCI, about the array of programs the organization offers in the Harlem community.  It was a delicious experience to dine with the legendary music producer Bernard Belle, Richard Simons, and Moikgantsi Kgama for the evening.  After an incredible show, a brief chat with Academy Award winning Regina Belle topped the night off just right.

Photo credit: CC Minton and Rev. Butler.

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