A Harlem Offer Rotten To The (Apple) Core

cooking instanct on 116th streetTwo crafty crooks offered to sell an iPhone to a man for just $150, but robbed the bargain-hunter at gunpoint when he showed up for the deal in an East Harlem housing complex, cops said Sunday. The felonious entrepreneurs approached the 26-year-old victim with the offer at 1:50 a.m. Wednesday, and invited him to see the Apple smartphone at a building in the Taft Houses on Madison Avenue near East 115th Street, police said. When the three got to the 19th floor of the building, one of the thugs pulled a gun and swiped $600 and the man’s Android phone before fleeing, authorities said. The victim was unharmed. One crook stands about 5-foot-7 and was wearing a backward baseball cap and a white T-shirt. His accomplice is 5-foot-8 and wore a Mets baseball cap and a blue-and-orange Mets T-shirt (source).

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