Harlem’s Franco The Great, Great Work

This is Harlem/ Franco’s Blvd, 125th St

Franco Gaskins the “Picasso of Harlem” murals in Harlem are soon to be moved to an outside art gallery at the East River. Harlem World Magazine thought it would be a great idea to showcase his masterpieces.

Stone Frame

We Fit You To A “T”

The Home Of The Brave

Harlem Red Carpet

Born Free

Born to be King

The World of Harlem

The World of Harlem 2

We are the Greatest (1 of 3)

The Beginning Of A Champ (2 of 3)

Great Moments In Sports (3 of 3)

New York New York

Harlem’s Best Kept Secret

African Village

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What do you think should happen with his work?

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