Moikantsi Kgama On The Danny Tisdale Show As Part of Black Philanthropy Month

harlem world magazine logo 2Listen to The Danny Tisdale Show on HW Podcast as we celebrate Black Philanthropy Month in August with great Harlem non-profits.

We will celebrate these great non-profits by speaking to the head of these organizations about the who, what, where, when and why regarding the non-profit work they do in Harlem.

This show with Moikantsi Kgama, executive director of ImageNation Cinema Foundation is fifth in the series.

Listen to each live recorded podcast during the month-long series in August.

Moikantsi Kgama, executive director, ImageNation Cinema Foundation is a Harlem-based media arts organization, founded with the goal of establishing a chain of art-house cinemas, dedicated to progressive media by and about people of color. Through a variety of public exhibitions and programs, ImageNation fosters media equity, media literacy, solidarity, cross-cultural exchange and highlights the humanity of Pan-African people worldwide.. Listen to the show here.

Go to their site.

Listen to past shows in the Black Philanthropy Month series below:

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  3. Listen to the third show here with Linda Walton at Harlem Arts Alliance
  4. Listen to the fourth show here with Ruth Rathblott at HEAF (Harlem Educational Activities Fund) .

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