15 Minutes With Danny Tisdale

daniel tisdaleDanny Tisdale conducts interviews with Leaders, Legends & Trailblazers for 15 Minutes, a feature about people who a make difference in Harlem in their industry for Harlem World Magazine, Inc., and on HarlemWorldMag.com that was inspired by his The Danny Tisdale Show started in 2009. It now appears twice a month, on Tuesdays.

His over 20 years working in the arts and business world draws on his broader insights working in the States and Canada, Russia, various locations in Europe, Egypt, Israel and South Africa., and his honors as a Distinguished Alumnus of the Year and Game Changer award winner with the NAACP in 2013-2014.

Danny has had many roles at Harlem World, including founder, CEO and Publisher. He is also a Advertising Director and Productions specialist with Interview, Paper, Details, Magazines and Barney’s N. Y. Tisdale work in the arts has earned him numerous awards New York Foundation for the Arts, Franklin Furnace Performance Art, Creative Time, White House Millennium Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, Gordon Matta-Trust, the Norton Foundation, the McArthur Foundation, and the Norton Foundation.

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