Say It Ain’t So Joe, NYPD “Manhunt,” For Harlem’s Joe Budden

joebuddenHarlem man Joe Budden is a wanted man. But that hasn’t stopped him from keeping up a regular tweeting schedule.

Actually, it was the New York Daily News that said the NYPD launched a “manhunt” to find the New Jersey rapper and Love & Hip Hop: New York star.

Budden has been accused of beating his now ex-girlfriend in a fit of rage. Allegedly, it was his stealing the unnamed victim’s cell phone (likely a bartender named Audely) that led to the robbery charge.

Interestingly, no charges of assault or domestic violence was mentioned when NYPD issued a mugshot of the rapper.

Yesterday, Budden tweeted, “I’m gonna sue the living sh*t out u gentlemen. ,” after reading the NY Daily News story.

Today (August 24), Budden started his social media volleys with “ Day2.”

From an undisclosed location, of course.

Check out some of Budden’s tweets in the following pages.


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