Seitu’s World: Rangel Wins Primary!

seitu r1By Seitu Oronde

Harlem’s Rep. Rangel wins primary as Henry Singleton 1199 SEIU organizer holds declaring his support.

seitu r2 Charlie Rangel and supporters, L-R  Letitia James, Adam ClaytonPowel IV holding the victory hand of the winner.

seitu r3seitu r4Adam Clayton Powel IV, Letitia James, Congressman Greg Meeks, and Charles Rangel.

seitu r5David Dinkins with Charlie Rangel Supporters

seitu r6David Dinkins, Congressman Greg Meeks, Charlie Rangel, and Denny Farrel.seitu r7

Alma & Charles Rangel

seitu r7 Congressman Greg Meeks, and Congressman  Charles Rangel.seitu r8

The situation room  L-R  David Dinkins, Senator Bill Perkins, Charles Rangel , Supporter, and Congressman Greg Meeks.

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