East Meets West Tocho Swing Beats and The Harlem Jazz Masters

East Meets West Tocho Swing Beats and The Harlem Jazz MastersPhotos by Seitu Oronde

The East Meets West Tocho Swing Beats and The Harlem Jazz Masters at Aaron Davis Hall at City College in Harlem, N. Y. Continue Reading →

Seitu’s World: Jazz masters At City College in Harlem

seitus world 1By Seitu Oronde

Great event from the Harlem Arts Alliance (HAA) professional development series at the January 4th, 2014 at City College New York (CCNY) at Aaron Davis Hall in Harlem from 2-6 pm. Continue Reading →

Harlemite, Danny Glover Receives Harlem Arts Alliance’s Humanitarian Award 2012

Each time actor and activist Danny Glover passes the 135th Street YMCA, he reminisces of the days that the cultural hub used to host and house Harlem Renaissance writers such as Langston Hughes and W.E.B. Du Bois, and actors such as Ossie Davis and Paul Robeson. Continue Reading →

Walter’s World: Weekend Picks- Song, Dance, and Bearden- Paris Blues Revisited

By Walter Rutledge

Lillias White at Aaron Davis Hall

Broadway star and Tony Award-winning singer and actress Lillias White will perform in concert, for the first time, at Aaron Davis Hall 7 p.m. Friday, November 4. Continue Reading →

Walter’s World: Healing Through the Arts

By Walter Rutledge

The indomitable human spirit has the ability to rise in moments of extreme tragedy and inconsolable despair. It lifts our downcast head and illuminates the darkness, revealing that glimmer of hope we refer to as the light at the end of the tunnel. Tynetta Megginson mother was murdered in 2001; to help herself and her children walk toward the light Megginson founded A Helping Hand Heals a Heart.

The organization brings together families that have been devastated by the homicide. “A Helping Hand Heals a Heart was founded on the belief that helping others allows one to heal self”, shared Megginson. After the death of her mother, her children found solace in the performing arts. Eventually the arts also provided Megginson with an outlet for her pain, and aided in the healing process.

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Walter’s World: Abdel Salaam- A Force of Nature (correction)

By Walter Rutledge The great dancer and groundbreaking choreographer Martha Graham said, “It takes ten years to make a mature dancer”. Nikita Talin of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo added “And twenty to make a choreographer.” At first glance this statement may seem extreme, considering our present environment of immediate gratification. To become a true master craftsmen (or craftswomen) it takes diligence and years of commitment and exploration. When you have the opportunity to see the work of an artist who has achieved such a lofty goal it is extremely rewarding and almost spiritual. Continue Reading →