The Har-You Percussion Group, 1964 (Video/Audio)

har you historyForming after the Harlem Riots of 1964, Har-You make Afro-Cuban sounds with furious and hip-shakingly groovesome rhythms

If you’ve ever wondered whether the world has changed a bit since the late summer of 1969, or whether it’s basically the same, your answer will lie in this record and one of its contemporary reviews. Continue Reading →

Eugenio Arango: The Father Of Harlem ‘Rumba Circles’ Dies at 76 (video)

Eugenio Arango, better known as Totico, a Cuban-born percussionist and singer who was one of the most celebrated figures in the drumming, dancing and singing culture of New York rumba, died on Jan. 21 in the Bronx, where he lived. He was 76.

His death, in a hospice, was confirmed by his godson, the percussionist Carlos Sanchez, who did not specify the cause. Continue Reading →