HW Pick: Moguldom Studios’ ‘TheSwirl’ Today!

The_SwirlcopyOur friends at 135th St. Agency sends us info about Moguldom Studios kicking off their Summer 2014 with a series of groundbreaking and thought-provoking films including A Genius leaves The Hood, Gunland, The Swirl, Black Church, Inc., Bottoms Up and 72%. with their new executive producer and Harlem fave Barion Grant. Continue Reading →

Don’t Hate, Celebrate All Our Neighbors In Harlem

1969345_10152353613319047_121569995_nSTOP demonizing black LGBT people in Black Church Pulpits! The sad fact is more than half of the congregants in black churches aren’t married ANYWAY–and the kids in Sunday School live in single parent households. Continue Reading →

Dining With Miss Lil: How The Black Church Is Nourishing The Souls Of Harlem

Happy 2nd anniversary to my column and I want to thank God and my readers for this culinary journey. During this holy time of the year I want to reflect on the pivotal role that the black church has played in establishing Harlem as the “Mecca” of black life in America. It is around the time when the black church began its “dual role” of nourishing the spiritual and physical souls of Harlem.

Spiritually speaking black churches started nourishing us in 1904 when blacks began migrating from the South to New York fueled by their desire to seek better jobs, education for their children, and to leave Jim Crow policies and lynching violence in the South behind.

Redevelopment forced blacks out of the original NYC neighborhoods we inhabited from the west 30s to the west 60s. At that time we couldn’t vote, and had no political clout to speak of so our religious leaders represented us.

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Black Churches Have Collected $420 Billion?

churchLiveSteez research shows that Black churches, in aggregate, have collected more than $420 billion in tithes and donations since 1980. With a Senate investigation into the finances of several mega churches underway, the “Prosperity Movement” has been the target of mounting criticism from inside and outside the Black Church. Specifically, the affluent ministries of The Reverend Creflo Dollar, Bishop Eddie Long and others have drawn the attention – and ire – of some clergy and laypeople alike.

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