Deaths of East Harlem’s Cultural Leaders Put a Legacy in Flux

12SIDEweb-articleLargeNY Times article discusses the strains of “Ave Maria” resounded through the pristine East Harlem community room where Fernando Salicrup lay in state last Tuesday night. Continue Reading →

The Way Harlem Was Built, 1877

west harlem pianting 1877Charles Miller’s “The Way the City is Built” illustrates his preservationist’s interest in the historic buildings and landmarks that were rapidly disappearing west Harlem, New York, 1877. Continue Reading →

Geese, Harlem, 1872-1887

1996.164.2-1645_printThe photograph is titled “Geese, Harlem, 1872-1887″, but there’s a bunch of interesting things going on in the photograph. In addition to the geese checking out the photographer, there are goats eating grass, rocks lined up for some reason, and the shadow of the on the photographer George Bradford Brainerd somewhere on an unpaved rocky street in Harlem, New York around 1872-1887.
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Souleo: Real Housewives of Atlanta couple learns the truth about each other

oneWhen married stars of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Cynthia Bailey Thomas and Peter Thomas set out to write their joint memoir, Carry-On Baggage: Our Nonstop Flight, they didn’t expect to discover new things about each other. Continue Reading →