Sistas Fulfilling Dreams ‘Wig It For Cancer’ Event At Metropolitan Hospital Center

sistasMetropolitan Hospital Center will host “Wig It For Cancer,” a special event in support of women with cancer on Tuesday, September 30, from 3PM to 6PM. Continue Reading →

Aidan Doyle’s ‘Run For The Mayors’

logobackground600Aidan Doyle of New York, N.Y., is training for the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon with the Children’s Tumor Foundation NF Endurance Team. Aidan is “Running for the Mayors,” that is, all the donations towards the campaign will be made by past and/or incumbent mayors of major American cities and towns. Continue Reading →

National Women’s Health Week May 11-24, 2014

2014WHWLogoWe want to thank Heather Von St. James, a wife, mother and blogger who writes for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, reached out to Harlem World Magazine to bring this important event to our attention. Continue Reading →

2014 Minority Cancer Awareness Week Talks

alago-willamWith cancer a major issue in Harlem, these exciting and dynamic seminars sent to us from the MSKCC/CCNY Partnership for Cancer Research, Training and Community Outreach will feature talks by physicians and healthcare providers that treat patients with cancer.  Continue Reading →

Harlemites 50 + Urged to Get Colonscopy

colonoscopy in harlemThe New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) today urged all Manhattan residents 50 and older to undergo a potentially life-saving colon cancer screening as part of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March.  Continue Reading →

February 2014 Events at EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care in Harlem

emblem health in harlemCome on Harlem lets stay healthy with these Free February 2014 events at EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care right here in Harlem. Each event is open to the public and is being held at 215 West 125th Street in Harlem.

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Cuomo to legalize Medical Marijuana in NY?

3010030_GThis week, Governor Cuomo is expected to announce that those with Cancer, Glaucoma and certain other illnesses from Harlem to East Hampton will have access to medical marijuana. Continue Reading →

Danny Tisdale Show Harlem Hospitality and Breast Cancer Podcast

Join Danny Tisdale as he talks today with Nikoa Evans-Hendricks, Executive Director of Harlem Park to Park and the upcoming Harlem Hospitality and Culinary Conference. Also, he speaks to Dr. Nora Presley about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and survival skills for Harlem women.

Listen to the show here.

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Dr. Gina Villani New CEO of the Ralph Lauren Center in Harlem

Dr. Gina Villani, MD, has made working in communities with “health disparities” like Harlem a life long priority. With a reputation like that we know why Dr. Villani, has been named as the newly appointed CEO of the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention on 124th Street.

If her history is an indication of her commitment, we look forward to her work in Harlem. She was the associate director of the Queens Cancer Center, which offers cancer treatment to underserved communities, to her stint as the vice president of health and quality of life at the Urban League. Continue Reading →

My Cancer: Only A Small Part Of My Life II

I’m Still Here!

My 1st article for Harlem World My Cancer: Only a Small Part of my Life was in October 2009, when I was into my 5th month living with brain cancer. Here’s a brief recap before I get into what’s been going on. I had surgery to remove the bulk of the tumor; the entire tumor could not be safely removed. As for the residual tumor, the plan is to monitor it with MRI’s. And the good news is that as of the date of this article, the residual tumor has not increased in size. However, the residual piece of tumor could cause seizures so I am currently on an anticonvulsant medication. Continue Reading →

My Cancer: Only A Small Part of my Life

dad_and_colBy Collette Henry

In hearing about the many people who have cancer, it never felt so real until I was diagnosed with brain cancer.

I’m into my fifth month living with brain cancer. Well, it’s actually been five months since being diagnosed but no one can tell me exactly how long I’ve been living with cancer. It all started on May 20th 2009. I was doing something I love to do. I was racing in Central Park along with my company running team. I was 2 miles into a 3.5 mile race. I recall feeling weird, then turning in the opposite direction. I don’t recall spinning in circles, or hopping on one leg, or falling and scraping my elbow, or my front capped tooth falling out, or convulsing. Continue Reading →