My Cancer: Only A Small Part of my Life

dad_and_colBy Collette Henry

In hearing about the many people who have cancer, it never felt so real until I was diagnosed with brain cancer.

I’m into my fifth month living with brain cancer. Well, it’s actually been five months since being diagnosed but no one can tell me exactly how long I’ve been living with cancer. It all started on May 20th 2009. I was doing something I love to do. I was racing in Central Park along with my company running team. I was 2 miles into a 3.5 mile race. I recall feeling weird, then turning in the opposite direction. I don’t recall spinning in circles, or hopping on one leg, or falling and scraping my elbow, or my front capped tooth falling out, or convulsing. Continue Reading →

Cancer Survivor Calvin Martin

Calvin Martin

As Chair of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Harlem next month. Here, the 69-year young Calvin Martin reflects on his life as a cancer survivor, his inspirations, his reaction when he found out he had cancer and his advice for survivors. Continue Reading →