Aaron Clark, Harlem ‘King Of Lotteries,’ 1860

According to his own Family Record, Aaron was born 16 October 1787 in Worthington, MA, son of David Clark and his second wife Lydia Benjamin. Continue Reading →

The San Juan Theater In Harlem, 1912

It was William Fox’s Audubon Theatre of 1912. It was designed by the one and only Thomas Lamb. Continue Reading →

Yolande’s Yard: Mumia, Long Distance Revolutionary (video)

mumia5By Yolande Brener

Mumia Abu Jamal, birth name Wesley Cook, is the author of seven book, numerous articles for the Black Panther Press and hundreds of radio programs for NPR and Democracy Now.  Continue Reading →

Harlem’s Revolutionary War History, 1776

battle-of-harlem-heights-HW1876P792773On April 12, the Revolutionary War began with shots fired on the fort. On September 16, 1776, the Battle of Harlem Heights, sometimes referred to as the Battle of Harlem or Battle of Harlem Plain was fought in western Harlem around the Hollow Way (now West 125th St., and Lenox Avenue) with conflicts on Morningside Heights to the south and Harlem Heights to the north.

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A Short History of Tea In Harlem

Tea in Harlem has been a constant since its early years with the Muscoota Indians in East Harlem to the Harlem Renaissance with Lelia Walker’s Dark Tower on 136th Street in Central Harlem. Continue Reading →