The Harlem Rent Party, Harlem, NY, 1944 ( Video)

In early 20th century Harlem, New York, these cards would have been your ticket to a good time.They advertise what was known as “Harlem rent parties”, a social phenomenon that began in the 1920s where black folks in Harlem would raise money to pay their rent by throwing a party. Continue Reading →

National Week of Prayer Kickoff Breakfast In Harlem

67d28a11-72d6-4220-be66-bf98c87dd6b7HCCI and its nearly 100 member congregations, join Harlem’s own Balm in Gilead and its ‘National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS’ to address HIV/AIDS and health disparities which disproportionately affect Harlem and communities of color nationwide.

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Seitu’s World: Phil Young Day at the Kennedy Center In Harlem

DSC02565 edited

Photographs By Seitu Oronde

Celebrating the Phil Young Experience for a Lifetime

Phil Young comes from a family of entrepreneurs. His grandfather was a premier floral designer who created realistic arrangements in the form of barber shop chairs, gambling tables, or whatever the lifestyle was for the person. Continue Reading →

EmblemHealth Brings SisterTalk Faith-Based Health Program

emblem health and sister talkEmblemHealth, New York’s leading health benefits and wellness company, announced today that it has brought the successful Hartford-based SisterTalk Healthy Lifestyle Program to New York. Continue Reading →

On The Edge Of Fusion At MIST In Harlem

tumblrmvielfjydg1qdzyj3o11280The West Harlem Art Fund and Friends are presenting “On the Edge of Fusion” for Armory Arts Week from March 2nd through March 6th. Continue Reading →

Kass Fashion Report: Harlem Renaissance Style

Harlem Renaissance 4By Kass

The Harlem Renaissance speaks to a beautiful time period in American history, specifically black American history. The Harlem Renaissance birthed, cultivated and celebrated African-American cultural and artistic contributions to the U.S. creative and cultural art sectors. Continue Reading →

Harlem River Drive Closed Because Of Construction

harlem-river-driveThe NYC DOT reports that due to the reconstruction of the Harlem River Viaduct, Exit 19 (East 125th Street) of the northbound Harlem River Drive will be closed from 10:00 AM, Monday, February 23, 2015, through 2017. Continue Reading →

The Apollo Theater’s Fifth Annual Dining with the Divas Luncheon

dd1192_zpsfbbd5bafOn Thursday, February 12th, the world famous Apollo Theater hosted its fifth annual Dining with the Divas luncheon, a fundraiser celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of women in the arts and in business. Continue Reading →