Diddy’s 2014 Howard University Commencement Speech (Video)

ecSome people are not happy with Diddy being a Howard University dropout and getting to make the Commencement speech, but others say it was an awesome speech and he inspired them with his words. Continue Reading →

The Harlem Junior Tennis And Education Program Celebrates 42 Years

SM_HARLEM_JR_TENNIS_CELEBRATION_2014_017Tennis stars and celebrities including James Blake, Mayor David Dinkins, Jeanne Ashe and more, with the evening’s emcee, Al Roker of the Today Show. were on hand to celebrate the Harlem Junior Tennis & Education Program’s 42 years of Service.  Continue Reading →

Salters Scene: J & R’s MusicFest 08

By Derrick Salters

You gotta love summer in New York City, from Harlem to Houston!There is always something going on! On Thursday, August 21, 2008, J&R Music and Computer World had it going on with its FREE kickoff concert for the 3-day MusicFest concert series in City Hall…

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&embedId=49176530&uri=channels/113645]

(press the orange button at the bottom to here Andy Caldwell’s new song ‘Universal Truth‘). Continue Reading →