Jacobus “James” Roosevelt, Harlemite

roosevelt-in-harlemJacobus “James” Roosevelt, known, (January 10, 1760 – 1847) was an American businessman and politician from Harlem, NY and a member of the Roosevelt family. Continue Reading →

Harlem Village Farmland, 1820 – 1870

Harlem was “a synonym for elegant living through a good part of the nineteenth century.”The village remained largely farmland estates, such as [Conrad] Van Keulen’s Hook. Continue Reading →

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.,’s Congressional Hearing On Harlem Street, NY, 1965

$(KGrHqJ,!lwE65n1q-zjBO8QDUI-vw~~60_57A photo of the first street Congressional Hearing of the Education and Labor Committee organized by Chairman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., in Harlem, New York, Jul 26, 1965. Continue Reading →