An interview with Max Rodriguez

By Janee Nesbitt

Max Rodriguez is the founder and publisher of QBR The Black Book Review, a national literature review that focuses on authors in the African Diaspora. He is the founder and director of Harlem Book Fair (HBF), the nation’s largest African-American book festival and publisher of HBF publishing, who collaborates with Author Solutions, Inc., to target African-American and Latino readers and writers. With the up and coming Harlem Book Fair on July 17th, I sat down and interviewed Mr. Rodriguez on hot humid day in Harlem. Continue Reading →

Janee’s Canon: Tyehimba with a Harlem Hustler

The only way to describe Agyei Tyehimba’s Game Over: The Rise and Transformation of a Harlem Hustler is to say that it is an eye opening experience. There is so many great things about this book that the only way to do it justice would be to write a ten page paper on it with an annotated bibliography. I can’t do that, but I will give you some insight into what makes this book one of my favorite books ever. Continue Reading →