‘Belle’ and Africans in Europe, 1440-1700′s (video)

Dido_Elizabeth_Belle-300x255By Tod Roulette

After 235 years an intimate family heirloom painting has been exposed to the world showing not just layers of soot and dusty varnish but the secretive social customs, hierarchy and race prejudices of 18th century aristocratic English society. Continue Reading →

Mayor John Lindsay and Marlon Brando In Harlem, 1968

mayor-john-lindsay-and-actor-marlon-brando-take-a-goodwill-stroll-through-harlem-may-2-1968Mayor John Lindsay and actor Marlon Brando take a goodwill stroll through Harlem, May 2, 1968 on 125th Street.

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December Memorial for Harlem’s Rev. Dr. Eugene Callender

CALLENDER-obit-web-articleLargeA memorial service will be held Dec. 7 for a Harlem civil rights advocate, the Rev. Dr. Eugene Callender. Continue Reading →