Join The Punch Out Poverty Fundrasing Gala In Harlem

GalaFundraiser_DigitalFlyer_rev copy-2On September 6th 2014 we are hosting the first Fundraising Gala event to raise money for our non-profit organization, Punch Out Poverty. Continue Reading →

I Refuse To Call You Bitch

I-RefuseBy Chike Ukaegbu

I refuse to call you a bitch

I said I refuse to call you a bitch Continue Reading →

Dining with Miss Lil: Caring For the Elders That Once Cared for Us

Daddy_n_JJ_at_JHS_GraduationBy Lil Nickelson

Have you been blessed to have loved ones to live to be 70 years old or older?  If so, somewhere in between the late 70s and beyond our roles begin reversing and you will be given the opportunity to care for the elders who once cared for you.  Continue Reading →

Dining With Miss Lil: Family First

By Lil Nickelson


Cooking great meals and sharing fine dining experiences are an integral part of my family’s traditions and practices.They sparked my passion for cooking and fine dining, and led me to begin writing this column for Harlem World. Continue Reading →