Guastavino Family Master Tiler Discussion In Harlem

ColUChapelInt1The Museum of the City of New York in East Harlem is continuing its “Innovators” series, pegged to go along with its exhibit, Palaces for the People, about the Guastavino family’s ubiquitous tile work, found in hundreds of sites in Harlem and beyond. Continue Reading →

Community Works Announces the Expansion Of “harlem is…” In Memory Of Tunde Samuel

harlem-articleLargeBarbara Horowitz , Founder and President of Community Works, announces the launch of a year-long, citywide, multi-arts focus on Harlem’s historic role in the development of Black Theater and its impact on our national culture. Continue Reading →

“City As Canvas” Museum Of The City of New York Graffiti Show

city-as-canvas-graffiti-exhibit-6Harlen, New York (like Keith Haring’s “Crack Is Wack” mural in Harlem) has been known as the home for some of the best graffiti artists in the world, giving widespread legitimacy to the street art. Continue Reading →