Yolande’s Yard: Two Roads Diverged/ St. Patrick’s Day in Harlem

2 Roads Diverged 3 - Leni and Dan Neely at IAC“People ask is there any link between the Irish and African Americans,” said Nik Quaife, the director of communications at New York’s Irish Arts Center. Continue Reading →

Salters Scene: Lisa Zwerling’s The Magic Flute

Lisa Zwerling

Thursday Oct 4th was the opening reception for painter Lisa Zwerling’s The Magic Flute exhibit at the FIRST STREET GALLERY in Chelsea. Continue Reading →

Walters World At Thelma Hill Podcast

Listen to HW Radio Podcast show with Walter Rutledge Harlem World Magazine writer and choreographer for a special three day conversation with performers from the Thelma Hill Performing Arts Center (THPAC) live for the 36th Annual Dance Showcase.

Listen on day 1, June 17, 2012 at 5 pm here.

Listen on day 2, June 18, 2012 at 5:30 pm here.

Listen on day 3, June 20, 2012 at 6 pm here.

Any questions or comments e-mail us at: hwcontact@yahoo.com

Walter’s World: The Greatest Gift

By Walter Rutledge

I know for many of you the arts and related arts events are a minor, if not trivial part of your day.

With all the real defining moments happening around us hearing about a dance concert, or musical, or art exhibit is just one of life’s frivolities. What is amazing is how easily a little song, dance or painting can bring joy into people’s lives. Continue Reading →

Walter’s World: Purelements: An Evolution in Dance

By Walter Rutledge The November 4th and 5th concert of Purelements: An Evolution in Dance lived up to the company moniker. The choreography and the company are an ever-evolving experience in concert dance and dance theatre. Continue Reading →

Walter’s World: Purelements: An Evolution in Dance to Celebrate Fifth Anniversary

By Walter Rutledge

In 1981 two crews met for battle at a community center in a Brooklyn housing project. The crews were not battling with guns and knives these crews weapon of choice was break dance moves and hip-hop bravado. Continue Reading →

Movement-Based Meditation: Shaking Spirit Waves in Harlem

By Yolande Brener

When I read about Kierra Foster-Ba’s dance class “without any set choreography and without the self-consciousness of caring what you look like” I was skeptical that many people would be unguarded enough to dance without prescribed movements. Continue Reading →

Walter’s World: Thelma Hill Performing Arts Center- Thirty5-In-5 (day four)

By Walter Rutledge

The Wednesday June 22nd performance of the Thelma Hill Performing Arts Center’s Thirty5-in-5 dance series was a very special evening of dance.

Two legends Talley Beatty and Thelma Hill were remembered. The legacy of their lives and work were introduced to an entirely new generation dance enthusiasts. Continue Reading →

Walter’s World: Tearing Down the Walls

By Walter Rutledge

Tearing Down the Walls is a new musical by Daniel Beaty. The production began a limited run at The Riverside Theatre on May 12th and will run until May 29th. Continue Reading →