Dining with Miss Lil: Taking Stock

By Lil Nickelson

listHow many times have you said, “There’s nothing here to eat?” You use this as a reason to justify buying take out. The truth is your refrigerator and cabinets are filled with stuff, but it would take you too long to get it together. Cooking is easier when you have what you need available.

Even better is when you first have to throw out stuff you purchased the last time you went shopping that has spoiled before you can put new purchases away. Times are tough; stop wasting your money on food you don’t use.

Do you go grocery shopping without checking your inventory only to discover you forgot to pick up the item you were out of that you need to cook a dish? Ever discover you already have two opened items on the shelf that you just purchased a third one of? Do you buy enough fruits and vegetables to make sure every family member is getting enough daily servings?

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