Dining With Lil : What’s Your Fall Comforting Soup?

By Lil Nickelson

By the first Saturday in October fall had come upon us here in the Northeast. As I closed my windows down to a small crack, and now I’m ready to start fixing some soups. I like to start my fall days with a cup of warm soup and water for breakfast. Continue Reading →

Dining With Miss Lil: On the Good Foot

By Lil Nickelson

Happy New Year and welcome to 2010. Now that we’ve indulged our selves through last year’s holiday season, I hope you are ready to getting back on track to eating healthy. Instead of focusing on what foods you can’t eat, stay positive and try focusing on the foods that you can eat. Aim to keep an open mind about food, especially trying new food and food you didn’t like when you were younger. I didn’t like spicy food as a child, but my taste buds can handle and love them now.

I’ve come to believe that there are no such things as bad foods. What makes food bad is how often you eat it, and how much you eat when you eat it based upon how much exercise you get. The secret weapon to healthy living and weight loss is the right combination one two punch. Just like we must eat to live well, we must exercise to live well too. Continue Reading →