Dining with Miss Lil: December 2013 Tis The Season

Josiah_Lewis_Jeniyah_Lewis_Asherie_Wilson_n_Miss_LilBy Lil Nickelson

From Thanksgiving through Kwanzaa I try to focus my attention on sharing the holiday season with people I love while we eat great meals that are prepared with love.  Continue Reading →

Dining with Miss Lil: You Are What You Eat

By Lil Nickelson

One Saturday morning in March I picked up the March/April 2011 edition of Edible Manhattan, The Good Meat Issue on the Greenmarkets information table at the Isham Street Farmer’s Market (a year round market located up in the Inwood section of Manhattan).

I almost missed my stop coming back to Harlem on the A train because I was so mesmerized by the articles. I have attached two links for this issue.

First, so you can read it for yourself here , and second, so you can receive that issue as a free trial subscription as I did here. Continue Reading →