Behind-The-Scenes At The PEN Hemmingway Awards

earthas world1NYCHA/NAACP literacy ambassador, Eartha Watts Hicks, with PEN Hemmingway Award winner Noviolet Bulawayo, Harlem Writers Guild member Miriam Kelly Ferguson, and PEN Hemmingway Award finalist Mitchell S. Jackson. Continue Reading →

Workshop Wisdom By Miriam Kelly-Ferguson

When I first conceived of a life as a fiction writer I began, naturally, to read fiction with an eye toward learning the craft. I have always had an earth tongue. My imagination comes from a down home feeling that my grandmother and great-aunt kept alive in the family. Continue Reading →

Writer Woman: Why I Write

I don’t know how many times I heard my aunt, Eartha, after whom I am named, tell this one particular story. According to her, I was three years old—telling everybody’s business—outside in front of her building with pen and paper, writing “a book.” I don’t remember that. Or even if I was able to write my own name at the age of three. Continue Reading →